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JFK Speaks

Almost 60 years ago, President Kennedy rallied the nation around The New Frontier – a vision of new hope and opportunity that challenged every citizen to work together to move our nation forward.

The New Frontier led America to a higher minimum wage and landmark civil rights legislation. Environmental protections and better healthcare for senior citizens. The Peace Corps and a path to the Moon. Learn more about President Kennedy's vision for the New Frontier.

Today, we stand on the edge of a New New Frontier. Another moment in time when we have the chance to decide how we move forward as a nation.

What will we bring to the New New Frontier? What are we capable of achieving when we work together as a nation—when we commit ourselves to solving problems both big and small?

This is a chance for us all to begin anew. As President Kennedy said, the opportunity is in “your hands.”

Share your vision for our nation to accomplish by the end of this decade. Join us in building something better.